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Little girls and boys love to dream, play and imagine. A Home Sweet Homes playhouse will provide a magical place to inspire those dreams. From damsels in distress with their knights in shining armor, to summertime tea parties, your child,s imagination can soar as high as he/she wants to go in the safety of your back yard.

A playhouse from Barnco will meet your child's every need. Choose from our collection of Victorian playhouses in pine siding, DuraTemp, vinyl, LP Lap, or cedar. For a more rustic look, you can add a cedar shake roof. Now is the time to give your children the playhouse you always wanted - one that will bring their imagination to life, creating wonderful childhood memories.

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Our playhouses are built by skilled craftsmen and may be purchased with a beautiful pine finished interior with a REAL hardwood floor, and even curtains for the windows!

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Berlin Office:
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